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Deleanor with a touch of Little Mix
{"Peace, love, and happiness." - Danielle Peazer} Don't change because of what others say, you're beautiful the way you are.|

This blog is dedicated to the lovely Danielle & Eleanor.
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Little Mix performs Boy 

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Get To Know: Jade (VEVO LIFT)

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@dcp1006: ZP/DP 💜 @zoe1louise


@dcp1006: ZP/DP 💜 @zoe1louise

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@josiepocock: Ummmm maybe just stick to commercial dance @dcp1006

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Punk Danielle.


Punk Danielle.

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@littlemixofficial: Day at the beach with the little mix famalam loving life!!!

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Perrie’s ‘job’ at a salon

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Eleanor + Dresses

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Original of Elounor a few ages ago.


Original of Elounor a few ages ago.

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when ppl say they don’t like little mix

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Today marks 2 years since Little Mix released their first ever music video, for their debut single ‘Wings.’ The song made it’s way onto the charts becoming number 1 in the UK, Ireland and Scotland. Wings was certified gold in America, the United Kingdom and received a platinum in Australia. The music video, released on July 25, 2012, was filmed in an abandoned warehouse directed by Max and Dania.

It has pretty much everything we’d ever need from a girl band. - Sugarscape

[about the Wings music video] It’s complete with sassy poses, on-point strutting and a whole lot of attitude. - Digital Spy

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Eleanor + Fans

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